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Crossroads Community Church: The Reliability of God’s Promises

June 30, 2016   ·   0 Comments

Pastor Don prayed humbly before God, praising Him for all the promises made, fulfilled and for promises still to be fulfilled, as we patiently wait for God’s perfect will knowing everything is in His time.

Pastor Don prayed for Lord Jesus to be anchored deep in our thoughts and actions; for our lives to change reflecting His presence in them. We prayed for Jesus to be always at the forefront of every thought and action. This was prayed in the name and authority of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

A man named Russell Edward Herman bequeathed $2.41 billion to thousands of people he did not know.  The catch was Mr. Herman did not have billions of dollars. Russell Herman had great intentions but lacked the resources needed to make them a reality.

The greatness of God stands in sharp contrast to this.

Not only has God made precious promises, He has the ability to follow through with every one of them.  Joshua 21:45 God is faithful to His promises, although, they are fulfilled according to His timetable not ours.

We occasionally become impatient waiting for God to act. Instead, we should faithfully comply with what He wants us to do and trust Him for the future fulfillment of His promises.  2 Peter 1:3-4 The power to live a godly life comes only from God.

Did you know, according to Dr. Reginald Dunlop, there are approximately 30,000 promises in the Bible?  Peter uses the term “precious” five times in his two books 2 Peter 1:1.  2 Peter was written approximately 66-68 AD, following the intensified persecution of hurting and killing of Christians.

Paul is reaffirming our Christian truths, the authority of Scripture, the primary of Faith and the Certainty of Christ’s return. Although many want the promise of God’s abundant grace and peace, we are unwilling to put forth the effort to fortify our relationship with God. To enjoy what God offers so freely, we must grow in our knowledge of God and Christ Jesus so our faith is strong during times of strife.  1 Peter 1:18-19

Only Jesus Christ, who was crucified for our sins, can set us free.

We cannot free ourselves only through Jesus who is the cornerstone of our faith.  1 Peter 2:4-6  Peter portrays the church as a living spiritual temple; with Christ the cornerstone of the foundation and each believer a stone.

A stone fireplace with only one stone does not show well. However, the same fireplace with a mixture of stones looks great. The same is with our church; we are all different but as we come together to praise and worship God standing on the foundation of Christ, we look pretty good to God.

In our individualistic society, we forget our interdependence on fellow believers.  When we are called upon to do God’s will, remember He also calls others to support, encourage and multiply our efforts in building God’s Kingdom.

Mark 12:10 Jesus speaks of Himself, although rejected and crucified, Jesus became the precious cornerstone of our church. Cornerstones are used to ensure all other stones are straight and level.  Likewise, the teachings and life of Jesus are our base to build our lives on; precious promises 2 Peter 1:4

God allows us to share His divine nature to keep us from sin and live for Him.

These precious promises come from a God who can do the impossible; lead us to an abundant life if we repent and follow Him.  2 Peter 3:9  God isn’t slow about His promises.  He’s just not on our timetable.  We must be ready to meet Christ at any time.  Hebrews 10:23 Most  of us have experienced broken promises or even broken a few.  God’s promises are never broken.  Matthew 16:18 Although they may not be in our timing, or answered the way we want, because God knows what is best for us.

We, as followers of Christ, are a part of the church built 2,000 years ago. The church has faced many attacks both from within and without; Satan continues to try and destroy it but God won’t let it happen.  Think about how many kingdoms, monarchies and empires have risen and fallen over the years, yet the Church of Christ remains, “…all the powers of hell will not conquer it…”.  God’s precious promise.

As God promised Joshua, He promises to us. Joshua 1:5 We may not conquer nations, however each day has its own challenges and temptations. Pastor Don relayed a message about a family facing a difficult meeting with other family members.

They prayed asking God to guide the meeting. The end result was positive. Leaning on God to direct us we can conquer life’s challenges. God will never abandon us; another promise to us by God.  Matthew 28:20

Jesus is with us through the Holy Spirit, as said in John 14:26. How comforting to know as believers, God’s Spirit is always with us. One final precious promise today is John 14:1-3.  Although unseen, Jesus’ promise leads to eternal life; you only have to believe.

Pastor Don only touched on a few from the dozens of God’s promises. He then shared how we receive God’s promises. We all know how to read instruction manuals but how many of us actually do, prior to assembling something?

There is always one little piece left over if we don’t read them and then must start over.  We know we should have read them.

This is sort of the way our faith and relationship with God and His word.

We need to read and study our Bibles faithfully to get the Word of God into our heads and hearts.

The Bible is God’s instruction Manual:  Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (BIBLE). The only way to learn God’s promises are to read about them.  It is human nature to assume God has perhaps promised an easy, carefree life.  But, Jesus clarifies the truth in John 16:33.

Christianity is not an insurance policy against trials and tribulations. God does however promise Himself and He is all we need.  2 Corinthians 1:20  God’s promises are fulfilled through Jesus Christ.  We need to study and be patient as it says in Hewbrews 6:15  Abraham waited 25 years for his promised son Issac; and the birth of Christ was prophesied 700 years before He was born.  Isaiah 7:14

Everything is in God’s time.

Today, our trials and temptations are often intense. However reading and studying the Bible along with encouragement from fellow believers, we find strength and faith to wait for God’s timing, even when it feels we can wait no longer. Another aspect to receiving God’s promises is living in obedience to God’s will. Hebrews 10:36  Scripture teaches us obedience is the key to obtaining God’s promises.

God’s greatest promise to us is salvation through Jesus Christ; but we must accept, trust and obey.  Finally we must have faith.  Hebrews 11:1 God will do what He promises.

Whatever we need, God will keep His promise to us. May God bless these His words. Amen.




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