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There was a need for speed at this year’s Radar Run

February 27, 2017   ·   0 Comments

By Michelle Janzen


With the fantastic weather this past weekend, people from near and far came and unloaded their sleds at the Dufferin Drift Busters 4th Annual Radar Run to see just how fast they could go.

With that in mind, most snowmobiles have a speedometer; however they may not be accurate and the spinning track may give a false reading of the actual speed.

Maybe you feel you can’t spare a glance at your clocks while screaming down the trail, throttle pegged.

After each entrant’s run against the radar gun, some saw other sleds in their class run a faster speed and, being fierce competitors, ran another run in order to regain former glory.

In the sunshine on Saturday, it went on like that until some realized they just couldn’t go any faster. Some ran several times, even though there were no other competitors in their class, just to see if they could possibly eke out a couple more km/hr, and it got really interesting when a smaller cc sled would go faster than a bigger cc sled.

At the end of this fun-filled sunny day the results were as follows: In the Under 16 yrs category in first place was Joe Scoles with a speed of 70km/hr. Second place went to Jake Jorgenson with a speed of 61 km/hr with third place going to JJ Stevens with a speed of 16 km/hr.

In the Vintage category, the sleds ranged in age from 1967 to 1973 with first place in 300 Under going to Olivia VanBeek with a speed of 22km/hr. The 399 Under went to Jay Watts going 36km/hr. The Open class went to Mitchell Smedley, who managed to hit 92 km/hr.

The Classic category had sleds ranging from 1974 to 1985. In the 300 Under, first place went to Foster Lge whose speed hit 49 km/hr, followed by Ethan VanBeek in second going 38 km/hr and in third was Jake Gallagher who was not far behind hitting a speed of 30 km/hr.

The Open category saw Jacob Nuhn in first place with an amazing speed of 113 km/hr. Second went to Rich Lee with a speed of 76 Km/hr and in third, hitting 70 km/hr, was Glen VanBeek.

While the Late Model 2 Stroke saw Mile Kiles going 52 km/hr taking first in the 400 Under and second going to Ethan VanBeek. The 500 Under saw Aaron Dcruz taking first with a speed of 67km/hr and Martin Teeter taking second hitting 63 km/hr. In the 600 Under, first went to Sheldon Homes who saw a speed of 82 km/hr, while tied for second was Dudley Crowe and Kevin Holmes who both hit 80 Km/hr.

Taking first in the 700 Under was Jarod Early with a speed of 91.7 km/hr, second was Albert Melchoir with a speed of 84.9 km/hr while Don Crowe took third with a speed of 83.7 km/hr. The 800 Under saw first place going to Bill Kenney hitting 96 km/hr with second going to Duane Foulger who wasn’t far behind at 91.6 km/hr, and in third was Lyn Chambers hitting 88.3 km/hr.

In the 900 Under, Travis Cuthbert hit 94.4 km/hr taking first, while in the 1000 Under there was a tie for first between Ron Sloan and Nathan Prince who both hit 94.4 km/hr, with second going to Andre Cupington who’s speed was 93.7 km/hr.

In the late model 4 stroke 1000 Under, Kevin took first with a speed of 98 km/hr while second went to Michael Clowes who’s speed was 95.3 km/hr and third was taken by Marylynn Rea who went 87.4 km/hr. The 1000 and Over, first went to Marlene Harbin hitting a speed of 96.7 km/hr, with second going to Derek Laws who hit 96.4 km/hr, while third went to Cody Harbin whose speed was 94.2 km/hr.

The Open Category saw a top speed of 120 km/hr and first place going to Codey Harbin, second place went to Tino Snurdento who went 117 km/hr while third was taken by Myles Coe whose speed was 113 km/hr.

In the Out Law Category Cody Harbin hit an incredible speed of 122 km/hr taking first place.

It was nice to see both new and vintage machines hitting the snow all in hopes of hitting the top speed in their category.

With the warmup room, food booth, and four radar lanes for those who wanted to participate, and lots of room to display those machines, a great day was had by all that attended.

The Drift Busters tell the Shelburne Free Press that the money raised from this event goes directly into making their trail system better. They say they are looking forward to seeing you all again next year!



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