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Christian Perspectives: Don’t resort to taking shortcuts

March 14, 2019   ·   0 Comments

Looking back on my life I can think of times when I looked for shortcuts to meet a specific goal. These shortcuts usually involved not doing the work necessary to reach that goal but expecting the reward of that goal anyway.

Let me give you an example or two. 

I can remember when I attended high school here in Shelburne there was an area track meet coming up. I was hoping to make it on the team that would go to that meet without having done any real training for it. My name was submitted, but Mr. Foster, the gym teacher said that I couldn’t go. I believe he knew that I hadn’t done any real training. In hindsight this was the right decision by him. I was trying to take a shortcut (probably because I wanted the day off from regular classes).

Another example involves me learning to play a musical instrument. As some reading this might know my father played piano in a country and western band for most of his life. (Does Alvin Dermott’s band ring a bell)? Dad had an incredible ear for music. Growing up we always had various musical instruments in our household. This included a piano, steel guitar, acoustic guitar, fiddles (not violins of course), and sometimes a set of drums borrowed from Alvin. I had a desire to be able to play any one of these instruments but I was always looking for a shortcut to reach that goal. Learning an instrument takes time and commitment (which my father had invested) and I just never seemed prepared to do that.

I needed to realize that most goals in life do not involve a shortcut but involved taking time to do the work needed. This was the only way.

I believe this line of thought can be carried over to our spiritual walk. 

I believed the gospel message and trusted in what Jesus did for me on the cross when I was about 22 years old. I started to attend Bethel and admired how well the leaders new the scriptures. They also exhibited a level of spiritual maturity that was evident to all they came in contact with. For me to reach that level would take a lot of commitment on my part. Again I tended to look for shortcuts. If I only had the perfect study bible, or study aids or whatever, my spiritual walk would just go along easier and faster. Of course this was not the case. I needed to spend time in God’s word, time in bible study, and time in prayer. There are no shortcuts. 

So as we move ahead in our spiritual lives let’s not spend a lot of time looking for shortcuts but realize the importance of spending time in His word and in talking with Him.

Jim Rintoul

Bethel Bible Chapel



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