We need to do more to protect the environment

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Dear Sylvia Jones, are you prepared to work with your protestors regarding environmental protection? Did they bring something solid to you that you can peruse? Maybe you can ask who is willing to:

1 – Use washer/dryer once a month, or never, to stop pouring laundry fumes into the environment.  Hand wash. Hang dry. Sun purifies, softens and perfumes. 

2- Shun the dreaded leaf blower and its partners like fuel-devouring, fumes and noise polluting grass cutters. Go back to rakes and “manual mowing”, leaving neighbours in peace and quiet, and enjoy natural lawns with nature’s beauty on which children can actually romp and play.  

3- Leave the formaldehyde, peroxide, wigs, weaves, extensions, nails, eye lashes, fillers, gel bags, micro-bead face and body paint, excessive creams, lotions, and the likes in the stores, and let natural beauty shine.  It takes a lot of factories and trucking to pump out false “needs”.  The pollution from this added madness is palpable.  Does anyone look “beautiful” from any of this or do they look environmentally careless/oblivious and worse? Do grey hairs come with toxins and shame? 

4- Take the various perfumes out of the air, clothes, body and even garbage bags, along with second-hand drugs and cigarettes. Lungs, blood streams, brain, organs and cells do not want to be perfumed /poisoned. 

5-  Go back to having something to do: simple peeling, slicing, cooking, making household items and toys from scraps to truly “reduce, reuse, recycle”  and hopefully end excessive packaging associated with things done by machines, factories and “professionals”.

6- Understand the findings that bottled water is bad for the oceans, soil, water, and is worse than tap water for the micro plastics/beads found in them, therefore leave water in the ground rather than on shelves.

7 – Tone down or eradicate the truckloads of unwanted, glossy, thick, vanity papers, magazines, flyers, cards, left everywhere.

8- Consider walking, running, biking, to any place under five kilometers for a purpose other than just power walk or fun walk.

9- Have value for resources. Do repairs. Be imaginative and reuse everything to the last shred. Wear clothes until they turn ripped, torn, shredded like they do out of necessity in half the world.

10- End the love affair with single use/disposable items, regardless of what they are made of, such as diapers, cups, plates, forks, spoons, foil wrap, cling wrap, paper towels, serviettes, balloons, fireworks, decorations, footwear, clothes and too many more to list here.

11- Carry reusable containers to farmers’ markets, grocery stores, restaurants or wherever foods are being acquired, and for shopping.

12- Reduce or end eternal shopping and throwing out, burning and burying. Trim down leisures, pleasures, lavishness, grand weddings, graduations, entertainments, celebrations, over-pampering of self, pets and everything owned.

13- Live in smaller spaces with less vanity renovations, furnishings, stuffings and collectibles. Learn to live harmoniously in shared spaces to curb the sprawl.

14- Stop using drive-thrus. Halt idling vehicles and endure a few minutes of heat or cold. 

15- Slim down or end the use of household chemicals. Soap and water instead of toxic over-sanitization spilling into the air.

16- Self examine to find any trace of greed, wastefulness, vanity, conceit, laziness, idleness, carelessness and such attributes that lead to environmental damage.

17- Think of the scores of other things that can be done and do them. Encourage friends, family, neighbours, co-workers and acquaintances to do the same.

Who wants to simplify and live smaller?  Four hands raised. What are you to do? Responsible living has to become a human obligation.

Had you the power to protect the environment by needed compulsion, people would likely pile out in crowds hollering “big sister” is choking them and killing jobs. Your boss said environmental protection means economic disaster. Must jobs, economy, money and fat living come at the cost of the environment? Fat living brings fat problems. Can people have their cake and eat it – well, dozens of cakes and eat them?

Mother nature will always win even if brutally; even if people are self-assured they will not be around to face it. Their off-springs will.

What will you do, Ms Jones?

Gloria Ramnath

Shelburne, ON



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