Letter re: “Finding a Place to Live” column (July 15)

July 22, 2021   ·   0 Comments


The figure 600 000 immigrants a year
is questionable. That particular contributor to this newspaper has insinuated disparagingly about immigrants before.

Housing problems have nothing to do with immigrants. It has plenty to do with ego, pride etc. Fast monster homes
wipe out affordable homes. Tear down
residential structures and put in drive-through banking or such other; tear
down a ten-story apartment building and
replace it with a ten-story apartment
building. New and shiny, comfort and style contrasting with sofa, street, park benches,
tent fields while thousands of houses/buildings stand empty until they shrivel, and countless people live alone in sprawling homes stuffed to ceiling.

If someone were to stick a high-rise
building in Shelburne to ease the housing agony the brilliant minds will tear it down saying it doesn’t fit in. Homelessness fits in better? Some really sharp cookies will have to lead the way and make it fit it. 

Greedy growth has pushed house prices such that a scrawny apartment in Dufferin County costs more than same in Toronto, immigrants or no immigrants.

It takes no skills to dump on immigrants; they are used to it, particularly if they are of the BIPOC sufferers who have been through hell and high-water and have done the
impossible to survive, making them strong, self-reliant and worthy.

In Canada approximately nine million people reportedly sit on couches curled up on their pedicured feet, manicured hands on display doing nothing or very little, and get more money than some immigrants or temporary foreign workers here to do hard work we are told privileged Canadians
refuse to do, but one thing they do well is demand more money, goods and services and get it all.

For those who have more than they need it is just fine for would-be immigrants to stay off-shore in sweat shops or plantations, out of sight, out of mind or be here with
no protection, care, compassion or rights, quietly working like machines, and if fallen ill shipped back to “where they came from”, replaced by another healthy one from “where they came from”

So ironic that baking the Canadian
extra-large pie gets a big helping hand
from the tears and sorrows of the “lesser” people while some “special” Canadians
are unwilling to share with those fully
deserving of a slice.

Some unwanted immigrants are the very ones who know how to share and care. They can live many in a home, and for that they are ridiculed.

Canadians have been told they can
have everything.  Well, they can’t. They choose self, “beauty”, materialism instead of sufficiently bearing their own population. It is the hard-working, neglected and
weary women who give birth and for that they get mocked for “breeding like rabbits”. Deprive them, then curse them. Yet they must find the strength to send away their precious children to fill the gap and take the
blame for the mess of the western world that
openly gets goodness from delivering badness to helpless people around the globe.

If only politicians would educate their people better than uttering the bland line “Immigrants enrich our country”.

How would it be if the down-trodden in looted countries had voice to complain of, or block millions of westerners, Canadians included, who occupy their lands, living large lives with the help of humble, kind
impoverished locals?

To tackle the real problems in Canada
requires knowledge, stamina etc. Blaming and hating immigrants is easy.

Gloria Ramnath

Shelburne Ont.



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