Waiting for their messiah

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There is a lot of need for some people to be saved, and I don’t mean that in the general religious sense.

Saved from what, is the question only they can answer, however, it always seems to come as a group thing with a leader of sorts telling his flock when they will be liberated from, well whatever.

Members of the QAnon group gathered on the infamous ‘grassy knoll’ in Dallas last week to await the living return of John F. Kennedy Jr.

Mr. Kennedy Jr., it was believed, would arrive and proclaim Donald Trump to be the true president, and apparently ‘king of kings.’

On a side note, this parkette or whatever it is, is the only so named ‘grassy knoll’ in the world apparently which, along with the Texas School Book Depository, has become synonymous with the JFK assassination.

Considering JFK Jr. died in a plane crash in 1999, many outsiders were rather skeptical of seeing him turn up and start shaking hands and kissing babies and explaining his absence over the past 22 years.

QAnon supporters have a theory that he faked his own death as well as that of his wife and sister-in-law who also perished in a plane crash into the ocean over two decades ago.

In the end JFK Jr. didn’t show – probably because he’s dead.

It is amazing to watch some groups who achieve this mass belief in something that might happen based on a prediction by an individual or group.

I used to have a fellow that came to my house to try to convert me to his religion. Nice enough guy, but a true cult member.

His religious group made several claims over the years of the ‘second coming’ or that ‘Armageddon’ was upon us. They even encouraged their followers to get rid of earthly possessions, and in some cases caused people to lose everything they had, because ‘after tomorrow’ you won’t need them.

Well, every time, this group’s predictions did not come true.

Conveniently, their leaders always claimed to have received new ‘divine information’ which explains everything and why the skies didn’t open up with the sound of trumpets.

It was very convenient to blame your failures on the fact that new information is telling you to ‘forget about yesterday,’ today I’ll give you the real thing.

In spite of all that, this fellow told me the world as we know it would end by the time the generation born in 1917, had all left this earth. He said he knew this for fact and pointed out the biblical references that made it true. All those references, of course were vague interpretations of nonsense his religious leaders had conjured up.

Of course, I pointed out all his church’s failures from previous predictions. He assured me this time they had the correct information.

Guess they were wrong again.

Heaven’s Gate was another interesting, although apparently terrifying and crazy cult.

Thirty-nine members of this group committed suicide together following the advice of their crazy cult leader. He told them a space ship was following comet Hale-Bopp and once they all died, their souls would be transported to the space ship to live as a ‘level above human.’

When JFK was assassinated in 1963, his sudden and rather public death set off a hurricane of activity in religious groups.

There have always been biblical references to an Anti-Christ and who it could be. (For all you biblical scholars, I’m paraphrasing here, no need to send me your divine interpretation).

It was believed by many that the Anti-Christ would be a charismatic world leader. He would receive a ‘seemingly fatal’ head wound, witnessed by many. Yet, miraculously, he would reappear, although blind in one eye and with a withered arm.

Well, JFK was a charismatic world leader, who received a seemingly fatal head wound, witnessed by many.

A lot of religious groups held their breath and waited – expecting to see JFK magically reappear, although suffering severe injuries from the gun shot that basically blew his brains out.

For years after his death, there were rumours and even news stories, that JFK was alive, and living on an island protected by Secret Service agents, his family, and his money.

He did not reappear, and as far as I know, is still buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

Why the QAnon group has chosen to re-visit this Kennedy connection and believe it, is bit of a mystery.

It seems there are people that are always waiting for some kind of divine intervention to make their life better.

Even Linus waited in the pumpkin patch waiting for the Great Pumpkin to appear.

If I ever see my religious friend again, I guess I’ll have to ask him about his Armageddon prediction about 1917, but I’m sure he’ll tell me the leaders got new information and they meant to say 1987.

Divine interpretation sometimes gets lost in translation.



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