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August 31, 2013   ·   0 Comments

Pastor Don, when you said ‘Life is full of unexpected situations that can cause anyone to worry but worry should be turned into prayer, when we wallow in worry as life progresses worry becomes crippling anxiety ruled by fear. Instead when we feel worry sprouting it’s ugly head it should be an indicator to quickly turn to God in prayer’.  It made me think of my Trailblazer’s engine troubles this week, the water pump to my rad broke down and it was an easy part to fix but a small little part called the “heat sensor clutch” was melted due to overheating, this little part is vital to the engine, what it does is senses when the engine is getting hot and it indicates or signals to the engine fan to cool down the engine. If I didn’t get this part repaired the engine could seriously blow out, the clutch could explode and damage my engine coolant lines, my motor oil lines, it would create a bigger mess to fix.  Who would’ve thought that a tiny little sensor could be so important in such a large vehicle.

We should all have our “heat sensor clutch” examined or repaired, it overheats with worry and if left unrepaired  and doesn’t  signal our prayer fan to cool us down things can get from bad to worse. If we ignore the engine light in our hearts, and let  worry overheat us and we don’t turn  our prayer fans on we could cause serious damage to our nervous system, are cardiovascular system our emotional health and more importantly our heart relationship with God. Everything is a learning experience, even if it is with my car. When I broke down by the side of the road the first time God was faithful and sent the help I needed,  a lovely young gentleman saw I was stopped on the side of the road with my hood up, he introduced himself as Brad Taylor’s cousin and that he knew my son Tony, he helped me put some Prestone in my rad and reservoir, then Barb showed up to help too, she ran to Shell to fill a jug with water to add to the Rad, and this young man even checked all the oils and fluids of the truck too, total service. He then followed me home to make sure I wouldn’t break down again, chivalry is not dead and God is faithful and sent some angels to help me back home after my truck overheated, it seemed at the time I only had a rad leak or something but God sent the help I needed at the right time.

The next day I thought I was fine, I drove Angela to work in the morning and all seemed fine, but in the afternoon as I was heading out to Orangeville for Tony’s eye appointment and it overheated again, Thank God I wasn’t to far, I was by SRd 240, this time I turned back and gently drove it back with frequent stops until I brought it to the Shell , by then ignoring the first signals I caused a little more damage, the pump was busted and that little heat sensor clutch was melted. I think we all to often react that way to life’s problems, we get nudges and indicators and signals and we ignore them and try to handle it without prayer, I think it is the same with my arms, I hurt one last November, I didn’t slow down and look at me now, both arms are out and my back, plus my head hurts at the end of the day because of the upper back muscles that are torn, and now my plumbing(Kidney and Bladder) are infected, I feel like my truck, LOL…why do we wait so long to listen, why are we so determined to do it alone? Why do I learn the hard way? I believe God is teaching me to let go, not of worry because my problem is not addressing problems right away, you can say I don’t worry enough I tend to try and fix things right away but I also fail to rely on God’s help, I need to let go of self reliance…, I have the attitude, don’t worry I can handle it instead of Don’t worry God will help me handle it, and even sometimes He totally handles it without my help….you see God is using you to teach, at least to me anyway… LOL,

Attendance was 20 then Gloria show up later, so 21, Humes 4, Sibeons 3, Baloghs 3, Dossers 2, Bells 2, Whales 2, Fred, Marion, Alan, and Mr. Lamb, then Gloria and her ukelele…



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