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Your choices matter

How many choices do you make in an average day? Have you ever considered this question?

There are the conscious choices, but what about the choices you make almost unconsciously because you have created a neural rut in your brain which someone might call a habit and respond automatically; “if this . . . then that.”

There does not appear to be any specific right answer to my first question, but there seems to be agreement the total for most active adults runs into the thousands every day.

To understand how complex our lives really are in relation to choices I began my day by making a choice to attempt to consciously identify and notice every choice I made for a portion of that day.

So, let´s look at how this less than scientific test went. I made the decision to get out of bed. I have already influenced the type of day I am going to have by the choice of whether I believe it will be a good day or a difficult day as I reflect upon what the schedule looks like.

This is an important choice and I am still in bed. Which hand do I use to pull the sheets back to sit up? When I get to a sitting position, which foot do I use to push myself to a standing position? Do I use my hands to help lift me to my feet? Once standing which foot do I use to start the walking process? When do I put socks or slippers on my feet? Which hand do I use to open the door? I think you get the idea of what I am demonstrating here. Many choices have already been made and I have not left the bedroom to start my day. There are many myths and deceptions around the issue of choices, but this article will only briefly touch on one. When you think of the thousands of choices you make in a day, how many of those choices would you consider important? The best answer would be all of them are important, with some being just a little more important. Even the routine choices you make every day have significance and consequences. Often we do not even know there are consequences to our choices. Does it really matter what clothes you choose to wear on a given day? Absolutely.

The style of clothing; casual vs business vs professional creates an impression and an image in the minds of those who see and meet you and impacts your relationships. Various colours influence people in different ways.

The choices of food you eat impact your health both short term – current blood sugar levels for example, and long term – overall health of your whole body. Whether you exercise regularly, or not, has consequences. Do you do warm-ups and cool downs when you exercise? You choice here will have implications on your body. These are just a few examples of the importance of making wises choices and doing so consciously. Ongoing right choices lead to good habits which create good benefits at the unconscious level.

What would be a good thing to realize is, every day we make choices that impact not only our physical body, but our relationships with others and God as well. To be willing to accept the principle, we will reap what we sow in every choice, helps us to be more aware to make the kinds of choices which will bring the results we want for our lives. It also provides us with the ability to realize we are responsible for our choices. It will help us eliminate the blame game in our life and free us from living life as an ongoing victim. Joshua reminded the people of God in Joshua 24:15, “Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve.”

Every conscious choice you make is a statement reflecting who you are, who you are seeking to become, and who you are choosing to serve.” Your thoughts, beliefs and words are determining your actions which in turn are creating your reality and impacting your future. My suggestion: choose wisely and with more focused thought, remembering the spiritual and eternal consequences of those choices.

Rev. Bob McLellan Pastor of the Grace Church of the Nazarene, Shelburne

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