Open Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau

September 2, 2021   ·   0 Comments

Prime Minister Trudeau for months you hypnotized. Now you’re gone. Where are you? Who are you? From your forehead up you looked like a teenager. From your nose down you looked like a grand-dad. What are folks to believe?

Imagine! The young deemed incapable prompting our PM to attempt to look old as the old disguise chemically to snatch youth from the young.

Prime Minister you risk peoples’ conclusion that you don’t like your natural looks, can’t make up your mind, you may be false and can’t be relied upon, you are a follower behind the herd galloping to the fountain of fakery with no conscience and that you are trying to lure “the kids” to your camp while suggesting that old and grey is a detriment.

Yes, such body denaturalization creates jobs but can’t be applauded because it likely creates damages to bodies, conscience, health, finances and environment. Mind destruction explains why fully artificialized people can look each other in the eyeballs and not cringe.

Prime Minister, why are you following folly trends? Because they are all doing it?

“First Ladies” don’t stay out of the loop. A previous one told us she’d fly to Montreal to get her hair, in her own words, “coloured”. Everybody is born with colour in their hair. Now they prefer chemicalization. Shamelessly walking around looking like barrels of chemicals and destructive to self and surroundings. If it kills natural hair colour, isn’t it poisonous?

Prime Minister, you are Catholic you said?  Does the Bible foretell fire will destroy the world, and also cautions against vanity?

Pumping out trillions of bottles of this immensely frivolous product for constant use by seven billion people, with scarcely any exception, chews up valuable resources. Pollutants from manufacturing, over-packaging, transporting, distributing, usage and disposing is more than the earth will take.

Prime Minister all the hair dye bottles, boxes, plastic wrappings, ink and excessive packaging could circle the earth hundreds of times. The swimming pools amount of water used for this ugly denaturalization that serves no purpose other than conceit is a crime when drought, over-heating, fires and other natural disasters are coming from all directions, in all forms.

PM Trudeau, will you be brave and face the world in your true self, and bring back grey hairs, and all hairs, that have always been naturally beautiful and non-polluting? And please help Canadians understand harmless roots grow their hair, and dyeing their hair created the mindless “roots” problems demanding spraying scalps with more chemicals, that today’s “great hair” looks like great lies and recklessness, that dyeing does not make younger or prettier, but can be the settings for added future body diseases and that hair needs only be washed and combed.

If you need help, look across the stadium to Ms. Annamie Paul. She represents strength, intelligence, authenticity, natural beauty and appeal.

And Prime Minister, are you letting them tell you to holler in a “strong man” voice? Can you be strong in a calm, convincing voice, free of headaches or hoarsed throat?

Gloria Ramnath

Shelburne Ont.



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